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Supply of ICT Tools and Computers


Telefree installs XO computers to Schools

Installation of Multimedia Centers


Telefree installs School Computer Networks

Design of ICT Networks & Installation

BTS Signal Antenna

Telefree installs 3G and 4G LTE Signal boosters

Provide ICT Courses & Training Tools


Telefree Provides ICT Training to School Teachers

Digital ICT Tools for Schools

The Telefree company has just completed the best digital Campus Management innovation online project for GPA and Sequential academic school systems, which is a major catapult to the national policy on digital economy for Cameroon. The Telefree School Management and Reporting systems are designed to meet very stringent high security with Gigabit data speeds, meet best 4G LTE requirements, customer friendliness as well as adapted to local community signal booster needs.

    Cameroon is in a new wake struggling to close the digital divide which is a reality to most African countries and the Telefree Company is helping this.

Perfect ICT Experience

Perfect ICT Experience


The Telefree company is identifying local partners and talent, train, finance, design, make partnerships with strategic local and international companies for rapid ICT development in Cameroon.

Expert Project Design

Expert Project Design

Project Modeling

Before project implementation, the Telefree team of experts will talk with you, visit your project site, observe your needs and concerns, build a model demo of your project during the design phase.

Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partnership

Ministry of Education

The Telefree company have provided and will continue to provide ICT tools such as computers, routers, Internet access for Joint ICT Training to Teachers of Education by Telefree and Ministry of Education staff.

Branded Products

System Mobility

Rural Friendly

Telefree deploy robust data access, management and reporting servers which are not limited by hardware type, client location or rural tropical climatic conditions in Cameroon and its equatorial CEMAC CFA XAF member states.


All Telefree Company Products and Services delivery within Cameroon is possible within 10 working days. Delivery of School and University Account Details to the CampusManager.net portal is within 6min. From the time that you submit complete account registration form online, we will do approval processing and analyses within this time. Please contact us in case of any issues. We are always here to help you get maximum satisfaction from our products and services.


All TeleFree staff are very experienced and professionally trained in-house and also at local and or international institutions of the art. We are all ready to offer you a product and service that will make you smile for a very long time so that you keep coming back to the Telefree for more. If you get any thing lesser than expected, drop a message on our contact page or call us directly and we will solve your product issues and also investigate why our first line staff was unable to serve you better.


All TeleFree Products and Services are specially designed and delivered to meet and pass the current acceptable industry bench mark. Telefree offers refresher courses to all its base line marketing and service delivery team at least every 3 months. 3rd party products acquired via Telefree are delivered and must be accepted by you as seen as we do not have any control over their utility, validity or performance. Our staff are all here ready to relay your concerns to 3rd parties where applicable.


The Telefree Company contentiously conduct research and innovation on all its products, service delivery, and training materials. The Telefree Research and Innovation Team conducts regular monitoring and evaluation on the performance and user friendliness of all its delivered products and services, both at its client and corporate offices, after which product innovation proposals are drawn up and forwarded to our manufacturing department for product and service innovation